Sorry for not writing any since i come to KL for my advanced diploma studies in KL campus. I've to say that the study life in KL was a very big different compare to Kampar. First of the few weeks in KL campus was a big challenge for me since the size of campus is 3 times bigger compare to previous. Without a campus map will really lost in the campus.

Students here i can see a lot of them are really concentrating and hardworking after i observed for the past fourteen weeks. *haha* I've to admit that i am not really adapt myself fully yet in this new environment as well as the course =( Seriously i met a very torturing situation which is keep being taken as a student who knows everything and treated as "GOD" in the class by some "nice" classmates. I really hope to erase my past and start over again in Advanced diploma. I just wish to have my studies here just exactly the same in diploma as i do not under pressure in everything (studies,mid-terms and assignments). Is that guarantee that i will get good result just because of previous diploma achievement? The answer is definitely no and I wish to yell at you all that i am god damn pressure with the acts of you guys. PLEASE I AM JUST SAME AS YOU , DONT TAKE ME LIKE AN ALIEN !

Now i'm in so called study week but actually not because there is still one presentation in this week. Without good assignment teammates my grades for coursework have dropped dramatically. I wish to switch tutorial class so that i can do better and what i want but all these are too late as my desired teammate has form a group with my perak branch campus coursemates already =( Hard to believe that advanced diploma is so busy until you really can't take a deep breath and now only i believe what seniors said how hard advanced diploma was before that. Hope i can overcome all obstacles and pass all the bloody final that approaching in 1 week time.

The new environment of my hostel was not so good for me to study because my study table was in the living room and the opening/closing door sound, roommate's movie/song made me unable to fully concentrate on my revisions. *aiks* no choice because our room was only a place for us to sleep but not others. I am worry for my legal issues paper a.k.a law , i know nothing about this subject and how i am gonna sit for the final exam ? Fail in the midterm and terrible feedback from tutor really killing me and i can foresee that failure in my life. Scholarships will be stopped automatically once i fail one subject during advanced diploma. I do not wish to lost it, i hope that god will sympathize me and bless me for the final exam.

I've to stop writing since is 3a.m. in the midnight and tomorrow is a good day *perhaps*


I just knew that you had a blog not so long ago. I know James has one too. :)

I do understand that you hate it when people called you like you're the GOD. I understand. I hate it when people keep looking at my marks too. Sometimes, I wish to poke their eyes out. I don't like the feeling, we just try our best, and we're not the GOD. They can't understand or what? *sighs*

Scholarship... It looks like it's a big problem for us, huh... I'm so scared that they will take it back! Thanks to stupid law.

Just do the best la. Good luck. :) Hope that you won't be that shocked to see this comment... -____-


Gambateh together bro!!!!

James Teong


from ur "nice" classmates

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